AMG Kernel - Virtual Nature of Change and Sentiment

SEC Asset Filings: Trust, Visualize, Project


Subscription access to the AMG Kernel enhances regulated Fiduciary relationships with a private connection to originate default data visualizations of sentiment for learning templates of changing values that are trued with US data filings submitted to .

The concept describes continuous regulated dollar-driven market data on dashboards that project a conscious and true awareness of market demand for goods and services .

The data are visualized in Financial market sentiment vectors of open end fund asset data for fundamental and alternative security-specific platform research.

The interactive connection projects True Value with learning signals that originate from a common understanding - How sentiment in the $50 Trillion data store of assets is changing.

Investors, advisors, exchange trading participants, and 28(e) safe harbor research customers gain unique insights into how the integer data are changing with time series analytics of real and expected demand for market assets.

The algorithmic tool puts three asks to the market data with visualizations of the changing information:

Continuous price and asset data are used to measure the magnitude and direction, as well as speed, of the changing sentiment vectors of real and expected value.

The data reside in object storage (AWS cloud data buckets, eg.):

Quantitative market components uniquely label and train the templates to discover qualitative notions of value in non-Financial sentiment vectors, where learning the causal manifestations of change is also relevant and meaningful (media, tech, social, determinative....).

1) Copyright Summary - Financial data kernel of trusted continuous dollar-driven American capital values computes dashboard visualizations of changing sentiment.

2) Concept POC - Time series analytics of regulated sentiment data enable unique actionable templates of value that project personal qualitative notions of change.

3) Subscription: Simple Flexible Pricing - Continuous SEC data 1992-2024YTD --> Institutional Safe Harbor Soft Dollar Research: Section 28(e)

4) Predictive Data True measures of continuous value are tooled to learn important market changes.

5) Advisor -> Investor: Insights gained from dimensional analytics of change promote questions from Customers that enhance Fiduciary Advisor's value.

6) Capital Asset Metaphor - Visualizations template changing 'Professional Portfolio' & 'Investor Fund Flow' vectors of capital market sentiment.

7) Proposition - Integer sentiment data relationships interactively signal a unique and personal awareness of change with common calculable asks that learn and project truthful answers from machine learning.

8) Data Dashboard Mock-up Included and Prepared for Investors, Advisors and Traders :

...AWS QuickSight + SageMaker Canvas Models --or--

...Tableau CRM + AWS SageMaker --or--

... ad hoc integration.

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