AMG Kernel enables customers to originate, facilitate, and scale calculable visualizations of changing values and sentiment with trusted market data.

Subscription: Private Network Connection

Dashboards interactively visualize the nature of changing Financial asset data and apply templates of real and expected variables (asks) to qualitative notions of sentiment in market demand vectors of value.

The interactive 'Etch-a-Sketch' dashboads of regulated data learn qualitative notions of demand in non-Financial verticals (media, tech, social, determinative....), where relevant and meaningful sentiment matters.

Unique and personal visualizations are originated by computing three asks of the changing values: How much? How many? How fast?

SEC Data prepped for Virtual Private Cloud Integration of Market Data; AWS QuickSight + SageMaker ML Models, or Tableau CRM with SageMaker, or ad hoc License.

Pay only for what you use (scaling from $5/month for QuickSight Readers, eg.)

Simple QuickSight Starter Dashboards (Author & Reader) setup includes financial data, integration, and data prep.

Flexible Subscriptions for SEC filing sets, and analytics for AMG Customers and NASD Members: SEC safe harbor rule 28(e) Soft Dollar Research.

AWS QuickSight+SageMaker ML Models; Tableau CRM with SageMaker ML Models, or ad hoc: Visualization Templates for prior session, Author & Reader updates where sentiment is personal, relevant, and matters that a truthful awareness of changing values is continuously visualized.

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