AMG User Interface of Financial Data - Subscription Pricing:

Introductory Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Integration for Market Data: Pay AWS only for what you use: <$10/month for data, S3 amgui bucket integration and prep.

Flexible Subscription configuration model for SEC filing sets and analytics as low as $xxx/month or $xxxx Annual-Payment/user for AMG Customers

SEC safe harbor rule 28(e) flexible subscriptions to Soft Dollar Research

Customer pays AWS for Cloud Services; AMGUI subscriptions can be paid directly, through AWS, or your financial professional.

Exceptional Support: Included AMGUI referral minimizes 'time- to-define-issue' + optional AWS Engineering Support $100/mo - 5 concurrent cases

AWS or Tableau or ad hoc Visualization Templated Updates at Login

Tableau Workbook Templates available and updates by (AMI) machine image or subscription to ad hoc serverless analytics:

AMGUI Advanced Dashboard Analytics - Visualize Updating Vectors of Changing Market Sentiment

Templated analytics to visualize sentiment where value can be measured in dimensional data sets using the capital asset metaphor

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