Secure Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Integration for Market Data; AWS QuickSight + SageMaker ML Models, or Tableau CRM with SageMaker, or ad hoc License

Pay AWS only for what you use: starting at $5/month for QuickSight Readers:

QuickSight Starter Dashboards (Author & Reader) setup includes financial data, integration, and prep:

Flexible Subscriptions for SEC filing sets, and analytics for AMG Customers and NASD Members: SEC safe harbor rule 28(e) Soft Dollar Research.

AWS QuickSight+SageMaker ML Models; Tableau CRM with SageMaker ML Models, or ad hoc: Visualization Templates Update as Subscriber Logs In.

AWS Exceptional Support

Templated analytics ML tuned to visualize, learn, and infer sentiment where value can be measured using the capital asset metaphor

Applies quantitative measures of changing value to qualitative notions of changing sentiment.

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