A Signal is not a thing, but a relationship between an understanding and a question to form an answer.

Signal detection structures questions about changing value to form an answer.

The Interface visualizes three questions about change within a trusted value vector: How much? How Many? How Fast?

The data are rendered in the variation of continuous transactional asset, price, and share values at https://SEC.gov

Signal detection speaks within the true continuous economic value enforced in the regulated submissions.

Signals address changing values that are non-routine and matter.

Signals inform, promote understanding, and provide an opportunity for a response; promoting an action to achieve a desired state.

AMGUI data analytics of changing value model the process of applying quantitative measures of value to qualitative notions of sentiment; templating visualizations of changing financial values to detect signals of changing sentiment in non-Financial structured dimensions.

The signal detection mechanism uses interactive dashboard features to visualize the dimensional changes: Interface Dash

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