A signal is a useful calculable relationship between an understanding and a question that forms an answer. - Few, Stephen C., Signal 2015, Analytics Press

The AMG Kernel models 3 Questions about the visual nature of changing trusted Financial data:

Signal data are visualized on interactive dashboard templates of Financial market open-end fund and portfolio value vectors of sentiment.

Each template projects qualitative notions of change that are calculated as personal signals; interactive 'etchings' to learn how relevant values are changing.

The application connects data that subscribers can trust to originate truthful visualizations of qualitative notions of changing sentiment.

The Kernel visualizes integer relationships between understandings and common questions about structured change and formalizes truthful answers.

Filings accessed at https://SEC.gov are continuous data that are visualized in cash and securitized asset value vectors of real and expected sentiment.

The Interactive tool applies common understandings of changing dollar-driven market demand data values to calculate visualizations of regulated asset variables that signal and learn a conscious and true awareness of how change is occurring in non-Financial dimensions where important questions of sentiment and value are also relevant and meaningful.

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