Capital Value Templates for Changing Sentiment - POC

Ad Hoc metaphor for sentiment analytics templates the primary data source of true economic value -

Interactive dashboards visualize a metaphor for change; applying quantitative measures of value to qualitative notions of sentiment in two non-fundamental regulated market data vectors (unrelated to earnings and estimates).

Virtual connection secures interactive dashboard visualizations of continuous data submissions ( -> Asset Levels/Flows, Securities, Portfolios).

The visualizations address three questions about changing market asset and price data transactions: "How much? How many? How fast?"

The Financial data visualizations are a proxy for changing investor sentiment and extend 'Section 28(e)' safe harbor research of fundamental data to non-Financial structured dimensional values (Social, Census, Technology, Determinative....).

Learning analytics Signal insights about changing sentiment in SEC.GOV portfolio filing data, and mutual fund net flow (including ETF) metadata that are prepped for inferencing in fixed and flexible intervals to research market action.

Subscription: SEC Data - ML Ready; AWS Services; Author-Reader Dashboards and Templates

Public/private cloud access to individual SEC filings (1993-2022YTD); prepared for AI; curated for visual analysis.

Subscriptions to templates of Asset Levels and Share - $(000) Flows ; and to templates of Mutual and ETF Fund Flows

to visualize data sets of financial market filings: Corporate Changes and Professional Portfolio Changes.


Tableau Dashboards or AWS Quicksight Author-Reader Dashboards visualize sentiment templating the capital value templates sourced in SEC submissions.

Access to 30 million continuous SEC filings living in AWS S3 Object Storage (Local/Cloud); prepared and curated, populating a table per fixed interval [Access to ETF data daily, unified in flexible intraday tic by tic intervals], and distributed in a structured format for visualization.

The interface facilitates the exploration and learning of anomalies, variances, trends, and patterns of changing value in securitized asset vectors submitting regulated continuous market asset and price data in vectors of changing sentiment.



Templates originate from changing asset values in two market sentiment data vectors that true the visualizations:

s3://valuevector1 - Retail and Professional cash demand for securities visualized in open-end mutual fund (including ETF) net investment flow metadata. Investor sentiment in net mutual fund investment flows; detailed and aggregated. (Template Dash)

s3://valuevector2 - Professional market demand for securities visualized in filings of portfolio asset, price, and share data submitted by investment management companies; ownership asset and share levels and flows (Template Demo).


Templated dashboards prepared for seamless connection to popular and emerging BI visualization software, like AWS QuickSight and Tableau CRM+ AWS SageMaker:

Curated data is prepared for visualization using AWS QuickSight, Tableau Desktop, private label and ad hoc market data visualization platforms.

Continuous data sourcing 30 million SEC filings and subsets of 300+ form-types for advanced visual analytics.


Example Template Visualization Mechanisms - Visual & Verbal Dimensional Descriptions - Capital Asset Metaphor:

Investor Fund Flow Paradigm - Investor Fund Flows Dashboard Template Visualization: (1,2,3)

1) Visualize Changing Mutual and ETF Fund Flow metadata - FundFlows Viz Descriptions: (1), (2), (3)

Securitized Asset Levels Paradigm - Asset Levels Template Viz A

2) Visualize Changing Asset Level data - Asset Levels Viz Description - A

Securitized Asset Flows Paradigm - Asset Flows Template Viz B

3) Visualize Changing Asset Flow data - Asset Flows Viz Description - B

Securitized Share Flows Paradigm - Share Flows Template Viz C

4) Visualize Changing Share Flow data - Share Flows Viz Description - C

Local, Cloud, or Hybrid Options for independent VPN strategies

Define and sustain a search by interactively setting rules, alerts, and ranges of actions when a signal is detected.

The data are visualized along dimensional ids, enhanced by the software marking systems that articulate the measures; size, shape, color, position, orientation, then define what graphics are possible within constraints defined by the software; or templated for authorship and consumed interactively by a wide range of subscribers to advanced research templating SEC changing asset values.

Templates visualize How change is occurring, dimensionally: How much? How many? How Fast?

Dashboard mechanisms relate capital market sentiment to alternative vectors or 'whatever' mediums of exchange

Situational Awareness by visualizing continuous data structures that describe changing sentiment, dimensionally.

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