Proof of Concept: AMG User Interface (Capital Asset Metaphor)

Secure VPN <$10/mo: SEC Data - AI Ready; AWS Services; Private-Shared Dashboard Templates

Dashboard visualization templates of aggregated SEC filings enable individual users to articulate changing sentiment and value in market vectors of US Regulated transactional financial data.

Visualize True Value embedded in the American capital system:


SEC.GOV portfolio filing submissions data, curated for AI and Machine Learning (which can be unified with intraday trading data)



Capital Asset Metaphor:

Hard Currency Paradigm; Investor Fund Flows:

1) Visualize Mutual and ETF Fund Flow Metadata Changes - Template Wireframe Dashboard: Investor Fund Flows

Soft Currency Paradigm; Securitized Asset Levels & Flows:

2) Visualize Changing Portfolio Asset Levels - Template Wireframe Mechanism: Portfolio Asset Levels

3) Visualize Changing Portfolio Asset Flows - Template Wireframe Mechanism: Portfolio Asset Flows


Visualization Templates compute sentiment reported in securitized transactions.

Dashboard mechanism relates capital market sentiment to alternative vectors or 'whatever' mediums of exchange

Templates visualize: What Transacted When; Where Sentiment is Actual or Derived; How Fast Change is Occuring

Multidimensional 'etch-a-sketch' - - US Market Data Dashboard Templates: Expandable to other dimensions (social....)

Dashboard Template Mechanism to Measure Change, Explore Sentiment, and Discover Value

Secure-Private VPN Dashboard Analytics enable expanded templates to Visualize Change in Non-financial and Unregulated vectors.

Situational Awareness by visualizing continuous data structures that describe changing dimensional sentiment

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