AMG Kernel originates and filters calculable visualizations of changing values and sentiment with trusted market data:

AMGUI visualizes changing cash flows and share levels in market vectors that measure changing demand sentiment; professional portfolio data and mutual fund (including ETF) new cash investment flows metadata.

Subscription: Virtual Private access to continuous market data connects with software and services (AWS QuickSight, SalesforceTableau, and ad hoc integration): Interactive dashboards visualize continuous Financial market sentiment as templates for the two open-end fund market value vector paradigms of real investment cost and expected return of securities.

The visualizations template to non-Financial and unregulated verticals (Media, Tech, Social, Determinative....); where the nature of changing sentiment is also relevant and meaningful.

Safe harbor rule 28(e) protected securities market research has moved from legacy market data analytics of shares and prices to visual analytics of change in securitized asset vectors that interactively apply quantitative measures of value to qualitative notions of sentiment.

The kernel data sources the capital asset metaphor to infer trusted value from regulated filing submissions.

Secure Private/Shared Repositories for templates compute changing professional portfolio share levels and mutual fund investment flows as dollar-driven paradigm vectors of market demand data that render interactive 'etch-a-sketch' dashboard projections of sentiment in structured dimensions where commonly understood changes in values are continuously measured.

Asset, price, share, and position data are sourced in tens of millions of regulated filings by thousands of entities submitting continuous values in fixed intervals to The Interface measures market sentiment in the two vectors of open end fund data, and do not compute from the fundamental earnings and estimates values in the submissions.

The data and metadata visualize (portfolio asset/share) levels and (mutual fund and ETF) investment flows, multidimensional data sets of Financial sentiment vectors of dollar-driven values and extend analytics of the market data and metadata to any (Financial and non-Financial) structured dimension or topic.

Access to federal filings insures continuous regulated valuation of changing securitized levels and flows and TRUES the origin interactive dashboard tool to uniquely 1) compute transactional changes in market sentiment, and personally 2) template the sentiment analyses to non-Financial structures that measure changes in sentiment and valuation of any asset; securitized, real, cash, or determinative.

User-defined and interactive analytic templates compute value in market data dimensions that are not related to fundamental earnings performance estimates and measurements, but augment fundamental data for uniquely expanded safe-harbor data analyses.

Data analytics of portfolio ownership changes filter SEC 13F and other portfolio form types (Access to 300+ SEC form types) on flexible VPN subscription subnets using AWS, Tableau (Desktop), ad hoc integration, and legacy market data platforms to advance custom visual analytics;

Salesforce training with extensive learning resources is freely provided by Tableau including tools for some preparation of disparate sources of data; or AWS Athena, eg..

AWS QuickSight and SalesforceTableau platforms prototype feature models that connect to transformed market data and metadata templates to expand visual analytics of non-Financial and unregulated structures in the data view.

AWS seamlessly integrates essential cloud services to compute the signals residing in market data templates of changing asset levels and flows.

Services are started at login for each customer's secure, flexible, and unique subscription design with AWS IAM credentials and security groups, eg.

Interactive dashboards project continuous values, unrelated to the noise of earnings estimates and use assets and prices, levels and flows, measured in fixed periodic intervals that augment fundamental data..

The capital market sentiment vector templates are predictive of changing sentiment in Financial, non-Financial, and unregulated vectors of value where qualitative notions of sentiment are relevant, meaningful, and matter.

AMGUI market data model uses 'Fund flow' analytics to compute changing investor demand for equity mutual funds (xETF,+ETF, ETF only) ranging 769 weeks, 1992-2006; structured to connect continuously to 2024 weekly data updates.

Tableau templates of time-series 'Ownership' data analytics compute changing soft (expected) price levels; and 'Fund flow' metadata analytics of continuous mutual fund net investment; hard (real) asset flows.

Visualizations are framed to query each unique story saved and sustained in the changing views.

The interface design extends the private cloud to open scripting, regular expressions, calculated values, and fundamental market data.

AMGUI templates denormalize and blend regulated data sources to compute managed asset levels and mutual fund flows, reported across multivariate frequencies of changing market data.

Optional VPN subscription templates enable flexible development of position, orientation, and data marks including color, size, shape, etc. of blended datasources to expand the import of the visualization beyond numeric results and add value to the stories sustained (embedded) in the data view.

Templates for Tableau Product Demo and (AWS) are tooled for investors and Customers of market data services.

Perspectives of events are viewed in fixed and flexible time intervals and extend from seasonality, calendar date, rates of change, trendlines, and other statistical marks.

Multiple chart types are used to tell unique stories within a context of time and events that may not be apparent in the timeline.

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