The AMG Kernel is a private network connection to originate and filter calculable visualizations of changing dollar-driven asset values and sentiment with trusted market data:

Connect to S3, Dropbox, or any cloud storage tools or integrators (AWS, Azure, Snowflake, etc.)

Continuous data sourcing 40 million SEC filings output in any general read format using VPN: Open Access: View, .txt, .pdf

The files live in Object Storage; are then transformed to populate a table per quarter (daily ETF assets, prices; unifies with intraday ETF fixed and flexible interval data).

Scheduled continuous 2024QTD.csv update and for CUSIP and FILER; automated conversion to .tde for Tableau users.

Filters: Company Name and Form Type, including all13f form types filtered for most recent filing using ANI or a Tableau level of detail calculation.

Templated market data analytics visualize sentiment where value can be measured dimensionally in capital asset data sets, sourced in SEC submissions, as quantitative vectors of value in non-Financial and unregulated structured vectors of change that are relevant and important (Media, Tech, Social, Determinative....).

Continuous Market Data accessed in fixed intervals and unified with index and ETF form data in fixed and flexible random intraday intervals.

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