AWS and Tableau Software help government, securities market professionals, investors, and market participants expand their understanding of market sentiment using non-fundamental market data vectors for multidimensional visualizations of demand for securities.   The interface facilitates exploration of variances, patterns, and relationships in securitized asset vectors.

The AMGUI template connects continuous asset and price data over periodic intervals and enables interactive, level-of-detail, analysis and visualization using AWS, Tableau, Sisense, and ad hoc visualization solutions - providing open access to individual original.txt files.

Continuous updates of regulated portfolio and mutual fund flow and ownership transaction levels are aggregated and blended for analysis. Data visualizations describe how regulated market demand is changing for any sector-specific and security-specific assets that are reported to the SEC EDGAR database of filings of capital activities.

Familiar sets of dashboard controls enable intuitive perspectives of the changes appearing in the visual interface.  The dashboard monitor displays activity with user-defined control parameters to interactively point and set alerts. Level of Detail alerts for interactively created control limits are visualized and set in any LOD. The research produces transformative visualizations that change with updating information to visualize from unique and shared perspectives: to identify actionable opportunities from signals of changing sentiment.

AWS, Tableau, and ad hoc software features provide visualization platforms with directly sourced SEC data in local and cloud object storage at AMGUI : a structured, democratized, and regulated database continuously processing information on demand for securities; reported as mutual fund investor flows, and security share levels of professional managers - for analysis and visualization. The data continuously update the stories sourced, visualized, and sustained in continuously updating templates.  The market data interface blends disparate data sources originating research of fundamental, technical, and ad hoc calculated values.

Investor, Fiduciary, Corporation, and B/D (Internal and Section 28(e) ) market data research strategies include AWS and Tableau and ad hoc connections to emerging platforms like Sisense. The AMGUI templates blend structured market data sources to visualize sentiment dimensionally; security-specific, sector-specific, or in calculated fields: to effectively mine, name, and visualize non-fundamental behavioral economic information. WireframeTemplate Tableau 8.3 (2014).

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