Templates connect asset and price data submitted to the SEC EDGAR database of filings of capital activities for interactive dashboard visualizations using ad hoc cloud data services and software visualization solutions.

The Concept proof uses AWS cloud services and Tableau software to visualize market sentiment in non-fundamental market data vectors for multidimensional visualizations of retail and professional demand for securities.  

The interface facilitates exploration of variances, patterns, and relationships in the primary SEC.gov data source of two securitized asset vectors where changing sentiment is visualized.

Continuous updates of regulated portfolio and mutual fund flow and ownership transaction levels are aggregated and blended for analysis. Data visualizations describe how regulated market demand sentiment is changing dimensionally; for sector-specific and security-specific assets: to detect anomalous data, label, and learn asset and price inferences from three asks about the changing values;

How much? How many? How fast?: Interactive Dashboard Template (Tableau 2022x)

The interactive dashboard controls enable intuitive perspectives of the changes appearing in the visual interface.  The dashboard monitor displays activity with user-defined control parameters to interactively point and set alerts in any level of detail.

The research produces transformative visualizations from changing information with unique and shared perspectives: to identify actionable opportunities from signals of changing sentiment.

The virtual platform resides in local, hybrid, or cloud object storage and connects a structured, democratized, and regulated database of continuous market asset and price data; reported as mutual fund net investor flow metadata, and submitted security share and asset level data transacted by professional managers. The updated data narrative is sourced, visualized, and sustained (embedded) within the dashboard view.  The interface blends disparate data sources; extending research to fundamental, technical, and ad hoc calculated values in Financial and non-Financial dimensions.

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