ID Basis: Single source of Economic Truth - US financial market data

AMGUI is a virtual private PLATFORM of data and analytics to visualize changing sentiment in regulated filings.

Sentiment Vectors: Professional Ownership Activity (Multiple Forms and Frequencies) - Investor Fund Flows

Visualize market demand - Investors, Investment Managers, Broker Dealers, Corporation BI

SECURE VPN login using AWS, Tableau Desktop, Sisense, and ad hoc tools and cloud services

Local Control for Advanced/Emerging Analytics

Research market sentiment and special-cause variations

Understand changing prices and evaluations of securitized assets

Private and Shared, Local and Cloud, Device-Repositories for updating data and visualization templates

A dashboard rendering of control points enables visualizations of where and how limits can be tested and whether a sequence exists within the rules that signals coincidence, seasonality, or unidentified changes in the time series that would indicate a special cause influencing the change; a signal.

Data and analytics of scheduled compute functions to measure levels and flows of US corporate capital assets.

Subscriptions for financial data and analytics to uniquely visualize economic value 2020YTD.

The data is sourced in SEC submissions and visualized as sentiment in non-fundamental market vectors.

Values sourced in regulated filings enforce accuracy when visualizing changing US capital asset values.

The files live in Object Storage, are then processed and cleaned, populating a table per interval; quarter, month, day....

Secure cloud login to identify and access SEC filings of corporation asset levels and flows, professional portfolio trading activity, and Broker/Dealer filings.

Filtered access is provided to the data source of 300+ form-types, by thousands of companies, and millions of securities positions reported in subsets of the 300+ types of filings.

The AMGUI capital asset metaphor visualizes changing economic value that is embedded/reflected, and derived, from US regulated market data and metadata.

Data Analytics of vectors of sentiment template a model of a process that applies quantitative measures of value to qualitative notions of sentiment in a common and regulated structure.

The analytics integrate emerging concepts to research 'progressions of change' and 'special cause variation' in non-fundamental vectors that correlate with securities market action over periodic and intraday intervals of continuous transactional activity.

The AMGUI capital asset metaphor computes financial values in submissions accessed at

Cloud compute services enable visualization of EDGAR submissions for analytics, distribution, and ad hoc sales.

The investor fund flow metadata foot with asset levels reported in SEC filings.

Regulated market data is sourced through the interface public subnet of the AMGUI private cloud.

The interface VPC is designed to source data and analytics for expansion to non-domestic and unregulated (excluded) data and services that are associated and rendered in common files.

Measure values and calculated fields are vectored in market paradigms to visualize changing economic sentiment.

Demo: Local Update and Visualization using Webex

Subscription Cloud or Hybrid Connection: The platform architecture enables a cloud serverless compute function that triggers a sequence of events to identify and access query output with familiar dashboard controls - to detect signals residing in the noise of millions of documents in which the data reside; by setting rules and triggering alerts to manually or automatically execute transactions.

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