The metaphor is visualized with time-series analytics of asset levels and flows in millions of submissions to the SEC.

The Public data source is structured to facilitate: Dashboard Analytics of securitized asset levels and flows along non-fundamental market data vectors.

The data are accessed filtering share and price levels and flows of asset levels continuously submitted to the SEC; then visualized with dashboard templates using software like Tableau, AWS, or ad hoc.

A dashboard rendering of control points enables interactive visualizations asking, How much? How many? How fast?, and whether a sequence exists questioning coincidence, seasonality, or unidentified changes in the time series that would indicate a special cause influencing the change; a signal.

The data are computed along a corporate and cusip ID framework calculating changing securitized asset price relationships and patterns, that identify signals rendered in the changing (updating) values.

Financial market sentiment is visualized in two regulated data vectors along multidimentional paradigms of value: securitized asset levels of professionally managed portfolios, and mutual fund (including ETF) net investor flows and trade data.

The continuous value of corporate shares and assets reflect changing professional market sentiment toward securities, and the continuous value of mutual fund (including ETF) shares reflect changing investor sentiment toward cash investment in the markets.

Scale: Secure Private VPN access to: .txt and AI prepared 25 million submissions: (1993-2020YTD) by thousands of companies reporting millions of securities position levels and flows contained in sets of 300+ types of financial filings .

Flexible and open filtering enables private visualizations of a structured data metaphor for custom interactive dashboards visualizing value and sentiment.

Visualize structured data templating Capital Asset vectors of sentiment that True the expandable analytics to non-Financial and unregulated dimensions of change.

Visualize value metaphor for change with dashboard templates of US financial market data vectors of sentiment

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