Ad Hoc metaphor for value analytics using the single data source of economic truth:

Proof of Concept:

Public/private cloud access to individual SEC filings (1993-2020YTD); prepared for AI; curated for visual analysis.

Subscriptions to templates of Asset Levels and Share - $(000) Flows ; and to templates of Mutual and ETF Fund Flows

to visualize any data sets of financial market filings: Corporate Changes and Professional Portfolio Changes.


Templated analytics to visualize sentiment using the capital asset metaphor sourced in SEC submissions.

Submissions differentiated by Form Type sorts, Date Filed, Investment Manager, File Name (hidden), CIK (hidden) Public Dash as a source document and in sets curated for Analytics:

Access to 20 million continuous SEC filings living in Object Storage (Local/Cloud); prepared and curated, populating a table per quarter [Access to ETF data daily and intraday] and distributed in original.txt or any structured format.

The interface facilitates exploration of variances, patterns, and relationships of value in securitized asset vectors reporting market sentiment in the single data source of economic truth.

Expandable dashboard templates visualize ownership asset and share levels and flows.

Advanced analytic financial metaphor extends to non-financial structured dimensional data sets for unique and shared discovery.


Templated analytics to visualize changing asset values in vectors that measure market sentiment.

[1]Professional investment management activity in changing portfolio share levels (Template Demo)

[2]Investor sentiment in net mutual fund investment flows; detailed and aggregated. (©Template 2014 Wireframe Dash)


Templated dashboards prepared for seamless connection to popular and emerging visualization software:

Curated data is prepared for visualization using Tableau Desktop, private label and ad hoc market data visualization platforms.

Continuous data sourcing 20 million SEC filings and subsets of 300 form-types for time series analytics.

Demo: Secure VPN on a rooted (for privacy) smartphone app running Tableau Desktop 2020x


Local, Cloud, or Hybrid Options for independent VPN strategies

Define and sustain a search by interactively setting rules, alerts, and actions when a signal is understood.

An interactive dashboard visualizes the data view and defines a search and the location of a signal's appearance.

The appearance is visualized along dimensional ids, enhanced by the software marking systems that articulate the measures; size, shape, color, position, orientation, then define what graphics are possible within constraints defined by the software.


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