Robert Adler

Market Data Analytics - Visualize Changing Sentiment in SEC Filings - Mutual Fund Flows
Asset data filings are visualized for sector- and security-specific (multidimensional) analytics using AWS QuickSight with AWS SageMaker, Tableau CRM with SageMaker, and ad hoc tools. The merger of visual analytics with market data to understand sentiment templates dashboards that visualize demand from changing asset flows, securities prices, and professional share ownership levels. The analytics apply quantitative measures of value and sentiment to qualitative notions of value and sentiment in non-Financial dimensions.

Thomson Reuters (Lipper) 2009-2010
Sold AMG Data Services to Refinitiv (Lipper) in 2009; upgraded subscriptions; added new business globally.   Managed the transition of the AMG fund flow database and portfolio data acquisition systems:

AMG Data Services ∙ 1991-2009     
Founder, CEO
Designed, managed, and marketed accurate, timely, and comprehensive investor fund flow data as the weekly proxy for investor sentiment in the markets. Continuous customer renewals to the AMG data by investment firms including Goldman, BAML, Citi, Fidelity, Renaissance, JP Morgan, Barclays, etc.  

Bridge Information Systems ∙ 1986-1989
Director of Fixed Income
Designed and marketed a fixed income order indication system to >100 dealers and investment managers which enabled market participants to indicate bond purchase/sale interest employing specific/vague ID of the price, size, and name components of a securities trade.

Robert L. Adler & Co, Inc. ∙ 1982-1986
Founder, CEO
General securities broker dealer was granted a 'No-Action letter' by the SEC as the regulatory vehicle to operate a tax-exempt securities exchange.  The automated execution system for municipal bonds was among the first fixed-income trading systems successfully developed and implemented in a regulated environment.

Securities and Information Industry Positions 1968-1981


Master of Business Administration in Management
New York University (Stern) Graduate School of Business Administration

Bachelor of Arts – American Studies, Sociology, Chemistry
University of Minnesota

NASD Examinations (CRD License 1645):
S1: Full Registration/General Securities Representative
S24: General Securities Principal
S27: Financial and Operations Principal
S53: Municipal Bond Securities Principal

Lecturer in Corporation Finance and Money & Banking Courses
California State University (Humboldt)

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